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Werner METTLER – Director

On completion of his general qualification for university entrance with a focus on business subjects and after graduation as a textile engineer in Reutlingen, Germany, Werner METTLER worked for various industrial firms. During this period, he also trained part-time to be a chartered accountant. His activities in the financial departments of the industrial companies stimulated an interest in financial assets and allowed him to further the knowledge he had acquired on the job.

It is for this reason that Werner METTLER still sees fundamental analysis (analytical assessment of the numbers of the balance sheets and profit and loss accounts) as an important basis in the investment decision-making process.

From 1990, he worked for what was then the Union Bank of Switzerland (Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft, SBG) in Lucerne as head of the investment team. In this position, he was responsible for advising a demanding client base. Since the merger between the Union Bank of Switzerland with the Swiss Bank Corporation (Schweizerischer Bankverein, SBV), he managed a steadily growing client portfolio for many years. In the course of various internal seminars and advanced training courses, he acquired extensive knowledge in private banking.

Since April 2010, in his capacity as managing director he has been responsible for the Lucerne branch office of Eagle Invest Ltd. Thanks to his strong personal commitment to the customer assets entrusted to him, he has been able to gain the trust of his clientele based on partnership.

As an independent asset manager, his creativity which is based on his broad banking knowledge, his analytical skills and his good market flair allow him to offer financial services which are successful in the long term.